Please vote Carl Soderstrom for State Representative!

Please vote for me September 11th!

I’m running for State Representative on the West side of Concord, NH. (Merrimack District 27, which is Concord city wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7). I’d really appreciate if you would take a Democratic ballot  in the primary election on September 11th, and vote for me.

I want to represent you because I like helping people – and helping everyone instead of a privileged few.

I’m an ordinary citizen, not a lawyer or professional politician. I volunteer as a science educator here in Concord at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, volunteered at a family homeless shelter in Concord, worked as a teacher, wrote a textbook, and have spent decades doing tech support to help people use technology to navigate the modern world.

I want to advocate for you in the State House.

I want to engage legislators on your behalf, bringing my science and education background to bear on problems, and judging bills by principles rather than politics.

Here are some of my guiding principles:

An ethical government requires process, not partisanship.

New Hampshire has one of the oldest continuous representative legislative bodies in the world. To preserve that, we need to make sure that everyone feels their voice was heard and their perspective respected, whether they’re in the majority or the minority.

Equal rights.

We cannot define where one race or gender begins and another one ends, therefore we must treat everyone the same.

Your body, your choices.

You have a right to choose whom you love, what you put into your body, and what you take out of it. Reproductive rights, marriage rights, and medical rights are all aspects of this.

Freedom of speech, association, and information.

You have a right to speak your mind, air your grievances, and join together with others (such as in a union) to do the same. Governments, unions, and other associations can help produce better outcomes by informing people of their rights and choices.

The environment is the property of all of us.

We all breathe the same air, drink the same water. Someone who pollutes those violates the rights of all of us.

Drug addiction is a medical problem, not a criminal problem.

Trying to force people to behave better by  using the law is far more expensive and far less effective than treating the underlying problems. Let’s get people mental and medical help before they run into trouble with the law.

History is a guide.

Past is prologue, but you can’t step into the same river twice. I study history because knowing what happened in the past helps us plan for the future. Looking at what other states and countries do allows us to see what does and does not work. Treating all people as individual humans with agency over themselves, produces the best results again and again throughout history.

Vote for Carl Soderstrom.

Vote for principled action.

©2018 Campaign for Carl Soderstrom